Waterproof LED driver 100W
Waterproof LED driver 100W

Waterproof LED driver 100W

 Model No.: HZH-Y638
 Dimensions: (L) 208mm x (W) 70mm x (H) 40mm
 Insulation: ClassⅡ
 Supply voltage: 170-260V~ 50/60Hz
 PF>0.9
 Output voltage: 12V dc SELV (Self Extra Low Voltage)
 Min/max loading: 0 ~100W  8.3A
 Start delay (cold): approx 0.5 second
 Storage temperature: -200C ~ +800C

Max case temperature: tc700C
 Ambient temperature: -50C < Ta< +400C
 Case material: PBT
 Flammability: Withstands 6500C Glow wire test
 Min/max length to lamp(s): 20cm < L< 15m
 Ingress protection: IP67
 Protection: overload, short circuit and in-inline fuses
 Guarantee: 1 years

With CE certificate

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