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Bike glow EL wire lighting Green
Bike glow EL wire lighting Green

What is Bikeglow?
Bikeglow is an affordable and fun bike safety light, providing 360 degree night visibility, up to 150 metres away and it's totally waterproof!

Unlike standard head and tail lights, which are only visible from the front or back, and reflectors, which only work when the light is shining directly on them, Bikeglow makes it easy for drivers to see you from all angles, keeping you safer on the road.

It's easy to install and consists of a three metre long strand of glowing wire powered by two AA batteries. The wire is flexible enough to wrap around any bicycle frame, in any pattern you choose. Bikeglow comes in eight colours that glow continuously, or flash fast or slow at the push of a button.


Included in your Bikeglow Pack:

3m Bikeglow light strand.

Easy to read instructions.

Waterproof AA battery pack.

Mini screwdriver.

Velcro attachment, two zip ties and a roll of black waterproof tape to secure your Bikeglow.

A reusable zip lock bag (Bikeglow packaging), which as an added bonus can be used as a weather proof pouch, for carrying a phone, money, etc – while out riding!

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