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LED RF/IR Controller

24-key Infrared Controller IR240
24-key Infrared Controller IR240

Working temperature: -20-60 ℃   Supply voltage: DC12-24V

Size: L63*W35*H22mm    Packing size : L105*W65*H40mm

Carton size: L500*W275*H310mm 

Net weight: 50g         Gross weight: 70g       

Output: Three CMOS drain open-circuit output   

Connecting mode: common anode

Advantages: With output load short circuit protection function, with set the line sequence (RGB, RBG, GRB, GBR, BRG, BGR) function, all of the brightness and the speed is adjustable

With the specified color selection function

With control lock function

Output current: <2A ( each channel )   

Static power consumption: <1W

Output power: 12V: <72W, 24V: <144W

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