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ArtNet DMX converter DMX400
ArtNet DMX converter DMX400

Working temperature: -20-60℃     Power supply voltage: DC12V

External dimension:L154ΧW135ΧH50mm        

Packing size: L205ΧW105ΧH75 mm

Net weight: 545g               Gross weight: 845g

Standby power consumption: <1W    

Input: ArtNet signal          

Output: 4 channel DMX512 signal

Main Feature

1. It can convert the network data package of ARTNET protocol in the network to standard DMX512 data, have 4 standard DMX512 data output ports.

2. Read operation of SD card .LED file ( can store 32 design files), convert to standard DMX512 data output, to achieve lighting control.

3. It is widely used in led dot matrix and stage lighting control network required a lot of DMX512 data.

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