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Touch Panel LED Controller

Touch screen controller TS100E  European standard
Touch screen controller TS100E European standard

Working temperature:-20-60 ℃      Supply voltage: DC12-24V

external dimension: L80*W80*H41.8mm        

packing size: L105*W105*H53mm

Carton size: L500*W275*H310mm

Net weight: 128g                   Gross weight: 178g           

0utput: 3 channel                   static power: <1W

Output current : <4A(each channel)

Output power: 12V< 144W, 24V<288 W

Model: TS100E

Feature 1: User can pick color through touch circular color disk to control LED grouped lamp. It is very insensitive and intuitive.

Feature 2: It adds custom output modes, user can at most define a group of 16 units of color output. Color, brightness, hold time and variation time in each unit can be defined by yourself. It can define up to 8 groups of custom color.

Feature 3: User can autonomously choose languages, touch sound tips, and output main switch.

Feature 4: This product can save data when power off, all the status before power off such as user settings and self-defining data can be kept, screen will be off if no touch in 30s, on when you touch again.

For more specification information, please contact us.

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