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USB-DMX512 controller LN-USB-DMX
USB-DMX512 controller LN-USB-DMX

USB- DMX512 controller connect with the USB interface of computer, through the friendly operation interface of computer, in order to achieve the aim of controlling lamps, It has a lot of advantages such as easy operation and simple to use .

Normal DMX512 channels output, adopt DC/DC power insulation and photo electricity insulation.

Normal DMX512 channels input, adopt DC/DC power insulation and photo electricity insulation.

Support windows XP /2000 /98se operation system, windows XP identify automatically,

Plug-and-play without installing drivers.

USB interface connect with computer, computer interface supply power directly,

the maximum working current is 135mA.

Build random storage, data transfer smoothly.

PC lamp control software adopt powerful PC FreeStyle lamp control software, it can upgrade

constantly。Software Distribution

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