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Common LED controller

gesture-sensing control panel FS01
gesture-sensing control panel FS01

Working temperature: -20-60 ℃    Supply voltage: DC12V-24V  

Size: L86*W86*36.7mm           Package size: 105*105*53mm

Net weight: 123.3g               Gross weight: 177g

Static power consumption: <1W    

Gesture-sensing distance: 0-5cm

Output current: <2A/CH  Output power: 12V:<72W,  24V:<144W

Features: It adopts gesture-sensing control chip, no need to touch, just certain gesture can control output.

Range of application: hospital, kitchen, washroom,garage, and some public places in which do not need to contact the panel directly.

Gesture swipe up or down on the sensing panel which can adjust output of controller.

Gesture swiping from up to down is mode increase, Gesture swiping from down to up is mode decrease.

A single finger regard center of panel as the dot to draw circle, which can adjust mode output brightness/speed.

Under static color mode, circling clockwise is brightness increase, circling anticlockwise is brightness decrease. The biggest circle number is 4

Under dynamic mode, circling clockwise is speed increase(1-8 level speed is adjustable), circling anticlockwise is speed decrease. Every time you adjust speed, the controller will ring short. When speed adjust to the max or the minimum, can not increase or decrease any more, at this time, the controller will ring long

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