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Strawhat led strip light(non-waterproof)
Strawhat led strip light(non-waterproof)
Name Colour Model No. Voltage Qty of LED Length*width*thickness Remark
Strawhat  flexilbe strip

red SY-12RGR DC12 18/PC 305(L)*10.5(W)*0.5mm(T) With connecting wires
yellow SY-12RGY 18/PC 305(L)*10.5(W)*0.5mm(T)
blue SY-12RGB 18/PC 305(L)*10.5(W)*0.5mm(T)
green SY-12RGG 18/PC 305(L)*10.5(W)*0.5mm(T)
white SY-12RGW 18/PC 305(L)*10.5(W)*0.5mm(T)
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